The heart wants what it wants.

-Emily Dickinson

Wandering through the streets of Hoboken, they met each other’s eyes and the rest was history. Justin and Nikki (Christina if you know her by that name) met on the streets of Hoboken on one of the craziest days of the Hoboken year – St. Patrick’s Day Parade. Nikki had only recently moved to Hoboken, starting a new job in the NYC area. Justin was living in Philadelphia and only in Hoboken that weekend to visit friends and enjoy the parade.

Ironically, Justin and Nikki had both lost all their friends and were wandering through the crowds, when looking up from the chaos they locked eyes. Conversation seemed to come naturally and they shared a love for mountains and snowboarding (and Irish Beer). After walking together down Washington St. they exchanged their goodbyes before parting ways to join their respective groups of friends. Would they ever see each other again?

She was hopeful.

The following weekend Justin surprised Nikki by offering to come back up to NJ, swoop her away for the weekend and take her to Vermont. But she had only met him once and naturally had reservations. After some long thoughts and important conversations with best friends, she decided to go. Justin and Nikki spent their first real date on the mountains of Vermont’s Killington– Nikki’s absolute favorite childhood vacation memory spot where they snowboarded and enjoyed the very last snow of the season.

Over the next year they would spend their time alternating weekends in Philadelphia and Hoboken, each time they met, it was better then the last. Exploring New York City, getting lost together in Brooklyn, visiting Philly’s historical spots, hiking and biking and feeling as though each weekend was a gift that may be the last. After all, they are still living two very different cities with great jobs and no real reason to relocate, yet.

The weekends became longer, the goodbyes were less sweet and more sorrow. They decided it was time to talk about living in the same city at the same time! Justin spent several excruciating months commuting to Manhattan for interviews and endless searches for a job until all the work paid off and he moved his life, his job and his entire self to NJ to be with Nikki where they currently are living their happily ever after.

The Proposal

Justin proposed to Nikki on a hot summer day in one if their favorite summer spots, Cape Cod. After an incredible weekend enjoying a few days of seafood and relaxation in the sun, Justin led Nikki to beautiful Davis Beach. He had it all planned out. Being an avid amateur photographer he convinced Nikki that he wanted a few last minute photos of the ocean. After a long weekend and the drive home head, she reluctantly agreed.

Down at the ocean, Justin took a few ‘shots’ of the water then passed the camera to Nikki asking, “Take a look at these great shots.” She felt the creative itch herself, and accepted the camera but instead of looking at his photos – took some shots of her own before handing the camera back to Justin.

This wasn’t going according to his plan.

Justin looked stunned, stuttered nervously, “Weren’t you going to look at the photos I took?” Nikki felt bad, thinking I didn’t realize these photos were so special to him – I hope I didn’t hurt his feelings by not looking at them right away. As she scrolled through the photos trying to reach the original batch Justin wanted her to see, she came upon a blank white image, with black sharpie written text that read “Will.” She scrolled again to read the same white image with text reading “You”, scrolling again she read “Marry Me?” Before she had a chance to react, Justin got on one knee and asked her the words he hid in the camera’s photos. Nikki responded by Jumping and smiling and laughing and hugging, until she finally said “yes!!!”